ST HELENS has seen the seasons change over the past 12 months from spring through to summer into autumn and then winter.

At the beginning of 2023, we asked our avid amateur photographers to take a picture on the first of every month in the same location somewhere in St Helens.

We had Clock Face Country Park, Haresfinch Park and Taylor Park as well as Carr Mill Dam, Merton Bank, Sutton Manor Colliery and the pond at Siding Lane.

The same 'Photo A Month' challenge will be running in 2024 - email if you would like to take part.

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Here are the timelapse videos of St Helens through the seasons:

Carr Mill Dam by Karen O'Dowd

Sutton Manor Colliery by Phillip Cleary

Taylor Park boat house by Mike Horton


Haresfinch Park by Helen Tierney

Taylor Park by Jennifer Hill

Clock Face Country Park by John Fisher

Merton Bank by Lynne Gavaghan

The pond at Siding Lane by Sue Atherton

Sankey Valley Park by Chris Doyle