IT is official… four of the cooling towers at Fiddler’s Ferry are now gone for good.

They have been part of the skyline for 50 years – now it will never look the same again.

It was a 6am wakeup for our reporting team as we headed down to The Hayloft (in the snow and ice) to watch the moment.

But little did we know we would not be watching it, just listening.

This is thanks to the thick mist which blanketed the towers.

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The blowdown happened just before 9.35am, but unfortunately due to extremely poor visibility we, along with the hundreds of other people who flocked to the fields to watch the explosion, could not see it.

We did hear it and feel it although I must admit it was very anticlimactical after what felt like such a long-awaited moment.

It appears people from Warrington, Widnes, St Helens, Runcorn, and afar could hear the explosion – we’ve had reports of people in Greater Manchester hearing the big bangs.

Here’s what some readers said about the demolition:

“My house just rattled so I guess it's done”

“I heard the rumble and thud at approximately 9.35am from Roome Street, Warrington.”

“I heard it all the way from Thelwall.”

"Felt and Heard it in Newton-le-Willows.”

“I heard the explosion but could not see I only live half a round corner from them.”