NEXT week, four of the iconic Fiddler’s Ferry cooling towers will be gone for good.

The blowdown in neighbouring Warrington is taking place a week today, Sunday, December 3.

The cooling towers are visible from places in St Helens, including Clock Face.

From the explosion itself, to dust to road closures, here’s everything we know ahead of the demolition:

Why is the power station being demolished?

Fiddler’s Ferry closed back in March 2020 after nearly 50 years.

The site is now set to be transformed over the next decade and beyond.

It has been earmarked for housing and industrial use.

What time will the blowdown be taking place?

There is no set time for the blowdown.

The window is between 8am and 12pm so it could happen anytime during this period.

The decision will not be made ahead of time as it will be based on a number of factors including safety and weather.

St Helens Star: Road closures drawn up to allow for safe demolition of Fiddler's Ferry

How long will the explosion take?

The whole event will take just 10 seconds and will be just two bangs half a second apart.

The two explosions will only last one second.

On December 3, it is just the four cooling towers that are closest to the road that will be demolished.

What road closures will be in place on the day?

Warrington Borough Council has published a Road Traffic Regulation Act notice detailing road closures to allow for the site to be demolished safely.

Driving will be prohibited on the following roads:

Widnes Road, from its junction with Farnworth Road roundabout to its junction with Dans Road

Dans Road, from its junction with Widnes Road to its junction with Dans Road roundabout

Farnworth Road, from its junction with Farnworth Road roundabout to its junction with South Lane

South Lane, from its junction with Farnworth Road to its junction with Derby Road

Derby Road, from its junction with South Lane to its junction with Watkinson Way.

The prohibition of driving order will be effective from December 3 for one day.

However, it is anticipated that the closures will only be in place between 7am and 4pm that day while the bulk of the demolition takes place.

The alternative route will be via Widnes Road, Warrington Road, Penketh Road, Sankey Way, Liverpool Road, Warrington Road, Watkinson Way, Fiddlers Ferry Road and vice versa.