APPROVAL has been granted to install illuminated signs at the site of one of warehouses at the Omega West site.

The Bold site has seen plans for four warehouses, as previously reported.   

An application for the installation of four illuminated totem signs and one illuminated fascia sign at Unit two has been sent to the council by Omega St Helens. 

This application for advertisement consent seeks to display two illuminated totem signs of 2.59m height and 1.2m width; and two illuminated signs of 1.2m height and 0.9m width. 

The totem signs will display the ‘Omega Loop’ logo, together with relevant location directions and the tenants' logo.

One totem will display ‘HGV Goods In/Out’ and the other will display ‘Reception Car Park’.

Meanwhile, one totem will display ‘Cycle Parking’ and the other will display ‘Reception’.

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The plans concluded: "Given the nature of the site and surrounding area, we consider that the proposed totem and fascia signs are acceptable and in accordance with established policies."

In a report recommending approval, case officer Jennifer Bolton said: "The Council's Lighting officer advises the level of luminance is compliant to advertisement regulations and the Councils Highways officer has advised no objection to highway or pedestrian movements.

"The level of luminance, position within the site car park and height of the signage would not compromise public safety therefore the proposal would comply with policy LPD08."