A PAIR of friends who have had years of experience in dog grooming have celebrated the launch of their new pet tuck shop in Prescot.

Working in various dog groomers across Merseyside, friends Adele Asad and Demi Maloney decided they wanted to create "something with a bit of flair" and so launched 'The Groomers Liverpool' in early 2020.

After developing great relationships with customers and their furry friends, and receiving a positive response from their products, the friends expanded the business with 'The Groomers Tuck Shop' along Eccleston Street in Prescot last month. 

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Branching the business out into Prescot, the tuck shop sells a selection of products used in the salon as well as a variety of "tail wagging" toys, treats, and accessories.

Ensuring that pets have the tastiest options, the tuck shop also contains freshly baked and pet-friendly treats that are a particular favourite of our four-legged friends.

Speaking about the new business, Adele said: "We only opened around a month ago, but we have had brilliant feedback so far.

"People seem to love coming into the shop because its of a bit different offer along the high street.

"There is also a really nice mixture of bars and restaurants in Prescot that are dog friendly, so that has encouraged people to come inside."

With Adele and Demi starting the business because of their love for dogs - in particular Demi's pug Tucker - the pair aim to continue growing their reputation in Prescot and attracting more people to their pet tuck shop.

To help grow the business, the team will also soon launch a website so that more people can access their pet treats and products.

Prescot's Christmas Frost Fair on Sunday, November 26, is also another opportunity for customers to visit the tuck shop and see the numerous other traders in the area.