LATER tonight, Friday, November 24, we will celebrating the 11th annual Pride of St Helens Awards.

In last Thursday’s paper (in shops now) we published a 16-page supplement profiling each of the shortlisted nominees for this year's ceremony.

Throughout the past week ahead of tonight's event at the Totally Wicked Stadium, we have shared the categories of nominees with you.

Here is the last category for the nominees for Mikhail Hotel and Leisure Group Pride of St Helens Award in the Child of Courage category, sponsored by Lannyman Land Rover Specialist.

Lincoln Huyton

St Helens Star: Lincoln HuytonLincoln Huyton (Image: Lincoln Huyton)

AT just five years old, Lincoln Huyton has been through a lot as a concerning anatomy scan led to him having open heart surgery just four days after being born.

Doctors later informed the family that Lincoln, from Fingerpost, has a complex and incredibly rare congenital heart defect, where his heart is on the right-hand side of his body rather than the left.

He was also diagnosed with heterotaxy syndrome as he has been born with misplaced organs and without a spleen.

A regular patient at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Lincoln’s condition has resulted in him experiencing heart failure, with his bodily functions not operating properly and his health deteriorating.

He’s so far had three open heart surgeries, including one in May this year and, despite this, he has done fundraising for charity, including for Alder Hey.

One nomination said: “He is the definition of courage, after his surgeries all he did was try and succeed and smiled through the pain.

“His scars are a reminder of what he’s had to endure to be here, a true warrior.

“It doesn’t define him it’s the courage, strength and fight he’s shown every day of his life.

“He’s such a smart, caring, loving, affectionate, smiley little boy.”

Lucy Lowe

St Helens Star: Lucy LoweLucy Lowe (Image: Lucy Lowe)

COURAGE is not a strong enough word to describe Lucy Lowe who from her first breath had to fight for survival.

After her mum Vicky developed pre-eclampsia when she was 26 weeks pregnant, Lucy was born and was given just a 25 per cent chance of survival.

Born four months premature and weighting just 1lb 6oz, Lucy entered the world and has fought ever since.

Survivor Lucy has battled chronic health conditions since that day and has been through her own share of personal tragedy too.

Despite all of this loss, Lucy, keeps going with such positivity fighting against her limitations and is now attending college after successfully doing GCSEs – something teachers didn’t always think she would be able to achieve.

One Pride of St Helens nomination said: “Despite all of this she is still the most thoughtful helpful and kind hearted person.

“She always puts other people first, never judges others and tries her best to understand other people’s feelings and actions.”

We will be running a live blog from 7.30pm tonight covering everything happening at the 11th annual Pride of St Helens awards, including live announcements of all the categories and winners.