A NUMBER of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage incidents have been reported in Rainford.

Last month, it was reported that a group of youths attempted to damage property along Church Road in Rainford, and became threatening and verbally abusive toward a business owner.

Following this, police have announced that incidents have continued to be reported around the village, including episodes of anti-social behaviour, theft, and criminal damage costing hundreds of pounds.

Police say that the suspects are reported to be a group of mid-to-late teenage boys and girls.

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Police around the Rainford area say that enquiries and CCTV will be looked at to identify those responsible, with schools to be approached if identified.

Preventative orders and disruptive tactics may also be implemented around the village to deter such incidents, police say.

Officers from St Helens Police said: "In what seems like a case of déjà vu - we yet again find ourselves asking parents "do you know where your children are?"

"Mindless antisocial behaviour and the attitude of 'kids will be kids' doesn't really wash with us when we've businesses losing £200-300 worth of furniture or equipment every couple of weeks and I'm sure you'll agree that it shouldn't be tolerated.

"In the meantime whilst investigations continue, Constable Rose and her colleagues will be looking to hear from other persons in the Rainford area effected by this small group of teens and how we can best tackle the issues.

"Clearly this isn't limited to Rainford so no matter where you reside within the fine borough of St Helens, if you're suffering from antisocial behaviour in all of its guises - please reach out to us via social media, the email address on our Facebook page, calling 101 or by dropping into our College Street station front desk."