A SAINTS mad fan who defied the odds for so long has sadly passed away after a urine infection led to fatal complications.

Born with an extremely rare syndrome named Bardet Biedl, Ben Boyle battled through a wealth of obstacles throughout his life, which included being registered blind, having learning difficulties, and enduring pain in every weight-bearing joint.

Due to complications with his condition, Ben had to undergo three kidney operations, receive almost daily dialysis treatment, and was a regular visitor at hospital. He also lost the use of his legs after shielding during covid.

Despite all of this, the Saints-mad fan approached his challenges head-on and remained resolute until he passed away from sepsis, aged 37, on Sunday, November 5, after complications from a urine infection led to a 13-day battle in hospital.

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St Helens Star: Saints-mad Ben loved meeting his favourite playersSaints-mad Ben loved meeting his favourite players (Image: Alan Barnes)
Because of complications with his kidneys, Ben had to endure 19 years of dialysis treatment, which his mum Gillian and stepdad Alan performed almost daily for around nine years.

However, after an incredible third kidney transplant was a success in 2017, Alan said that things were looking up for Ben until the pandemic hit and he was forced to shield.

Alan, originally from Newton-le-Willows, said: "Ben had to undergo almost daily dialysis for 19 years of his life, so the third transplant that he had totally changed his life.

"It gave him, as well as me and his mum, a lot more freedom and we were able to travel and do a lot more things. We always kept going with what's next."

St Helens Star: Alan said that Ben retained a positive attitude throughout his lifeAlan said that Ben retained a positive attitude throughout his life (Image: Alan Barnes)
After Ben's older brother Andrew passed away, who was also born with Bardet Biedl, the family made a commitment to do as much as possible with Ben and make as many memories as they could.

This included getting to every Saints game that they could, while waiting behind to meet his favourite players, going to Everton games and meeting the team, as well as travelling to numerous places across Europe.

Although Ben lived with multiple health complications, Alan said that he was never afraid of dying and lived life with a care-free attitude and made everyone laugh.

Following his untimely passing, a friend has set up a fundraising page to support the family and help with funeral costs, particularly now that Gillian's carer's allowance has been removed and the family were not able to take out life insurance because of Ben's condition.

St Helens Star: A fundraiser has been set up to support the family and help with funeral costsA fundraiser has been set up to support the family and help with funeral costs (Image: Alan Barnes)
Speaking about his stepson, Alan added: "Ben was a massive comedian who was loved by everyone, and stayed strong through so much.

"He was held back by his illnesses and condition but right up until his death, he never moaned once.

"I wouldn't have been able to carry on with as much as Ben had to deal with, and he will leave a huge void in our lives."

To help support Ben's family and help with funeral costs for Ben, you can visit this fundraiser.