A FOOTBALL club has condemned a small number of young supporters who were responsible for anti-social behaviour at a game this weekend.

Prescot Cables Football Club sent out the message after incidents involving youths at the Joseph Russell Stadium during the game versus Trafford FC.

The club did not specify the nature of the incidents but issued a strong warning.

In a statement Cables said: "Sadly, there were several instances of anti-social behaviour within the stadium at today's game from younger spectators congregating without adults.

"These incidents are strictly prohibited and are against FA regulations.

"Incidents such as these not only tarnish the reputation of Prescot Cables Football Club, they could also lead to sanctions and/or financial penalties being imposed on the club.

"As such, we are taking steps to identify the individuals involved, including via mobile phone footage supplied to the club.

"Once identified, these individuals will be banned from attending future fixtures at the Joseph Russell Stadium."

The club reminded fans that spectators aged under 16 must be accompanied by a paying adult or concession unless they: possess a 2023/24 Season Ticket or are a member of one of Prescot Cables Junior Teams/Michael Corless Soccer School.

U16s that do not fall into either of the above are not permitted to enter the Joseph Russell Stadium unaccompanied, the club added.

The statement continued: "Groups of U16s that continue to congregate without adults may be challenged by match stewards and if necessary asked to stand/sit with the adult that they entered the stadium with.

"Failure to comply with this request may lead to ejection from the stadium."

Cables added that they are aware "the vast majority of our supporters condemn incidents such as those witnessed" at the game.

The club added that it strongly encourage spectators to report any other instances of anti-social behaviour within the ground to a club official or match steward.