Many people have been left wondering why the sun looks strange in the UK skies today.

People have been taking to social media to ask why the sun appears to be white.

One person said: “There is a strange sun hovering above the cottage this morning. These photos do not do it justice but ooooer.”

While another added: “Anyone seeing a strange dull sun in the sky?”

Why is the sun white? may have the answer as to why the sun is appearing white today.

They explain: “The sun emits light across all the visible colours in the electromagnetic spectrum fairly evenly. When these come together united in sunlight the sun appears white. This is useful because if this balance was thrown off colours less favoured would be difficult to see.

“The sun is officially classified as a yellow dwarf star or a G2 V star. G2 designates the second hottest stars of the yellow G class of stars with surface temperatures between about 5,300 Kelvins (K) and 6,000 K.

“The V in this label represents a hydrogen-burning main sequence star or dwarf star. In terms of mass, the sun is at the upper end of this classification of stars.”

Harvest Moon to appear in UK skies

Those interested in the skies and stars have another phenomenon to look forward to this week, the harvest moon.

Also known as the full corn moon, September’s full moon will appear in the sky on September 29.

The Royal Greenwich Museum explains: “September's full corn moon is so called because this is when crops are gathered at the end of the summer season.

“At this time, the Moon appears particularly bright and rises early, letting farmers continue harvesting into the night.

“This moon is also sometimes named the barley moon, and it is often the nearest full moon to the autumnal equinox, earning the title of 'harvest moon'.”