PLANS to erect a controversial 5G mast has been refused by the council after a string of objections.

As previously reported by the Star, a planning application was put forward last month to construct a 15-metre high 5G mast with accompanying equipment on Broadway, Gillars Green, in Eccleston.

Put forward by mobile phone operator Three UK, the proposed site was on a curved grass verge that adjoins the roundabout at Broadway and Chapel Lane.

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St Helens Star: A 5G mastA 5G mast (Image: Stock)

When submitting the plans, the mobile phone operator said that the site was chosen as there is a "specific requirement for an installation at this location to provide the latest 5G services".

It was further stated that the Gillars Green site was "considered to be the best location within the designated search area [...] that minimises visual intrusion as much as practically possible”.

While there were a couple of responses in support of the plans on St Helens Council's planning portal, with some explaining that there is a "poor quality of online infrastructure in the area", the reaction to the proposals was overwhelmingly negative with 74 written objections.

Many of these responses stated that the construction of a 15 metre mast would be an "eyesore" and visually intrusive to the residents in the area.

Councillor for the Eccleston ward, Michael Haw, also expressed his objections to the plans and welcomed the council's decision to refuse planning permission.

Cllr Haw said: "While investment in local infrastructure is important, not all locations are suitable for such large installations, and in my view, this location wasn’t appropriate.

"The proposed 5G mast would be a visually dominant and intrusive structure which would have had a detrimental impact on the design and character of a quiet suburban area.

"The equipment would have resulted in an imposing and overbearing impact on the amenity of nearby residents.

“I also question the process and rationale for determining the proposed location for a mast of this size. I saw no evidence within the application of other potential sites that could have been used.

"Applicants such as Three UK need to consider a range of areas when they plan changes to local infrastructure so that new masts, base stations, and other infrastructure can be placed in less prominent locations, away from residential areas and other sensitive sites”.