UFC STAR Paddy Pimblett was spotted at his favourite place to devour a roast dinner in St Helens on Sunday.

When not restricted by training regimes and weight divisions, fighters are often known to have huge appetites to quickly gain weight again after fights.

It seems no different with Paddy 'the Baddy', who loves his food so much that a St Helens pub has made its own expanded version of their popular roast dinner, just for him.

As he is friends with the landlord's son Lewis at the Wheatsheaf, Paddy is known to be a frequent visitor at the Mill Lane pub and it has become his go-to restaurant for a Sunday lunch.

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St Helens Star: Paddy with his 'baddy' roast dinner at the WheatsheafPaddy with his 'baddy' roast dinner at the Wheatsheaf (Image: The Wheatsheaf)

Landlord Shaun Kelly, who has run the pub with his wife Maxine since 2019, said: "We do small and large roasts which Paddy loves, but with his big appetite we decided to create an even bigger roast called 'the baddy' for him and obviously anybody else that wants to attempt it.

"He’s always very friendly and loves coming here for a chat with the staff and all our customers."

Highlighting his love for the Wheatsheaf roasts, Paddy also gave the Sutton Leach pub a shoutout in an interview with the UFC last year.

Speaking about his diet after he is finished with training, Paddy said: "I go to my mate's pub, the Wheatsheaf, and get a roast dinner there.

"I went just before I started my diet, on the last day, and I nailed mine. My mate only eats half his dinner so I took his off him and ate the rest of his.

"Then I had some of [everyone's] roasties and they had roasties left over so they brought out a tray of roasties out for me."

"Then I finished half a chocolate fudge cake and I got sticky toffee pudding with custard."

St Helens Star: Paddy was promoted the UFC in 2021Paddy was promoted the UFC in 2021 (Image: PA)

Well known for his charismatic antics, Paddy the Baddy has a professional mixed martial arts record of 20 wins and three losses.

He was promoted to the UFC in 2021 and was applauded for his powerful mental health message following his win against Jordan Leavitt last summer, after his friend had recently committed suicide.

The 'baddy' roast is available at the Wheatsheaf pub on Sundays, with food served between 12 and 8pm on Mondays to Fridays, 12pm to 7pm on Saturdays, and 12 to 6pm on Sundays.

St Helens Star: The Wheatsheaf pub on Mill LaneThe Wheatsheaf pub on Mill Lane (Image: Maxine Kelly)