Christmas is a time for giving and receiving gifts and it's a chance to show someone how much you care about them.

However, for many of us we can get tied into the commercial side of gift-giving and feel obliged to buy people presents for the sake of it. 

If we're truly honest with ourselves we often end up giving or receiving, gifts that we neither want nor need. 

As a result, these items can find themselves unused and eventually chucked away - which is the worst fate of all. 

Disclaimer: It is always best to politely let the person who gave you the gift know that you would not like it, therefore they can have the chance to return it and swap it for something else or keep their well-earned cash.

Here are some things you can do with any unwanted gifts this year:

Donate them to charity

Arguably the most respectful way to pass on your unwanted pressies is to donate them to charity.

Your local charity shop is usually the best place to go and hand over any Christmas gifts.

However, with lots of people doing home clearouts since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, some charity shops are overwhelmed with items so it's best to call and check before you drop them off. 

Auction them off on eBay

If you have a gift that's worth a lot of money then why not re-sell it on a site like eBay. 

Once you've politely let the person who gave you the gift know you won't be keeping it, you could let them know of a charity you'll donate the money to or the item you will buy instead. 

St Helens Star:

If you're using eBay all you need to do to set up a listing is follow the simple steps they provide. 

You can add some photos (you can add 12 for free) along with a description - we imagine "unwanted gift" will be the most used phrase post-Christmas, then select a 'reserve' or minimum price that you want your item to sell for. You can wait to see how the auction pans out or offer a 'Buy it Now' option for impatient bargain hunters. In some instances using a smartphone you can simply scan the item barcode and eBay will fill in all the details for you.

Facebook and Gumtree

You can also sell on any unwanted gifts on Facebook or Gumtree which allows you to set a fixed price. 

Obviously if you live in the same area as the person who gave you the item then you should be sure to click 'hide from friends' on Facebook Marketplace. 


Although regifting is a hideous word, it can be a great way to pass on an unwanted present as well as clear out your home.

It goes without saying you should make sure that you don't 'regift' your item to the person that gave it to you, or anyone that they live with or see on a regular basis. Also, make sure that the gift is still in pristine condition and that you re-wrap it and use a new label.

What do you think people should do with any unwanted Christmas gifts? Let us know in the comments.