AN APPLICATION seeking consent to install an illuminated digital advertising sign at the side of a social club on a busy road has been drawn up.

Permission is being sought from St Helens Council to display an internally illuminated free-standing digital sign at the side of Windle Labour Club, on Dentons Green Lane.

The application is for the digital advertising sign to replace the poster display currently in place which is visible from the road. 

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A cover letter, drawn up by Wildstone Estates, states: “This proposal is part of an industry-wide drive to rationalise, modernise and upgrade advertising infrastructure to meet modern requirements

“The proposal seeks to replace a longstanding poster display on the gable wall of 35 Dentons Green Lane with a freestanding digital poster display (D-poster) which will display multiple static advertisements on rotation.

“Rather than being fixed to the wall, the new digital panel will sit on a totem support in front of the panel and within the land ownership of the Windle Labour Club.”

The plans add that the proposed panel “has the same dimensions as a standard 48-sheet hoarding, measuring 6m(w) x 3m(h) x 0.1m (d) and will be positioned 4.9m above ground”.

They state: “The proposed display will meet modern requirements and will be capable of displaying 6 advertising campaigns at a time, sequencing every ten seconds.

“The ability to carry multiple adverts will cater for the demand in this area and reduce the pressure for new locations.

“The proposal is submitted as part of a nation-wide project to upgrade traditional advertising hoardings to a modern digital format, which will see an overall reduction in adverts, as multiple advertising campaigns can be supported by single panels.”

A standard consultation on the application is open to the public until Tuesday, January 10, 2023.

A determination deadline has been set for the application by February 8.