FUEL prices remains a prominent concern across the UK as people search for the cheapest costs in their area. 

Russia's invasion of Ukraine from the start of the year and the aftermath of the pandemic saw UK fuel prices soar up to alarming figures due to issues with oil supply. 

Prices dramatically increased with drivers fearing a further rise amidst a cost of living crisis. 

Fuel prices have seen a dip in recent months compared to record-high figures earlier in the year, however, this had led to a considerable gap between petrol and diesel prices. 

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According to RAC, the average petrol price in the UK as of December 11 is 155.82 pence per litre and the average diesel price 179.18 pence per litre. 

The current cheapest petrol price in the borough is 139.9p compared to 175.7p in June, whilst diesel was 178.9p and has since dropped to 162.9p. 

To find the best deal near your area, here are the cheapest petrol and diesel prices within a five mile radius of St Helens, according to petrolprices.com. 


Costco St Helens - 139.9p

Texaco Knowsley Lane - 145.9p

Asda St Helens - 149.7p

Asda Huyton - 149.7p

Tesco Prescot Extra - 149.9p

Tesco Haydock - 149.9p

BP Widnes (Ace of Hearts garage) - 149.9p

Shell Cronton Road - 151.9p

Shell A57 - 152.9p

Texaco Gale Road - 152.9p



Costco St Helens - 162.9p

Texaco Knowsley Lane - 169.9p

Asda St Helens - 172.7p

Asda Haydock - 172.7p

Asda Huyton - 172.7p

Morrisons St Helens - 172.9p

BP Widnes (Ace of Heart garage) - 173.9p

Tesco St Helens Extra - 174.9p

Shell Cronton Road - 174.9p

Tesco Prescot Extra - 177.9p