A BRASS band is looking for enthusiastic locals to join the group. 

Valley Brass Band, based in Haydock, has been about for 30 years to encourage members of the community to learn an instrument and socialise.

The band is split into three sections; the main band, which performs in events to raise money for the registered charity, a training band for adult learners, and a learner group for youngsters from local schools.

The band also provides instruments for St Augustine and St Cuthbert’s high schools, Legh Vale primary school, and Lyme Community primary school.

Dave Chadwick, the director who formed the brass band, said: "At the time, there wasn’t a music service in St Helens, so we have filled that gap when there wasn’t music provision for children.

"We have people come along who’ve never played a brass instrument before or they might have wanted to do when they were younger, so it’s to give them the opportunity."

St Helens Star: The brass band parades through local communities The brass band parades through local communities (Image: Valley Brass Band)

The Valley Brass Band director, who studied a music degree following a career as an electrician, also stated the social benefits of joining the group.

He added: "Music is a social thing; I don’t know any musician from anywhere that’s just played music for the sake of playing music.

"It’s always been that social interaction you get, and you’ll enjoy going to a group and being with a group of people. 

"I’ve always enjoyed better when I’m with a group and you get on and socialise with people, so we try to bring that in early with the kids and also with the adult learners.

"It’s never too late to start and to try something new. It’s making that step through the door; that first step is really difficult."

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The adult learners group meet every Saturday at 12:15pm and every Monday at 7:30pm.

To join the group, visit http://www.valleybrassband.co.uk/ or contact Dave Chadwick on 07940509441.