VETERAN actress Susie Blake said that performing to a different audience on stage every night is an "extraordinary experience".

As part of a star-studded cast, Blake is currently performing as Mrs Fisher, the disapproving mother-in-law of Frank Spencer, in the remake of the classic 1970s comedy 'Some Mother's Do 'Ave Em'.

Alongside Joe Pasquale as Frank and Sarah Earnshaw as his long-suffering wife Betty, Blake has been on stage at St Helens Theatre Royal for a run of seven shows from Tuesday, August 2 to Saturday, August 6.

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St Helens Star: Susie Blake and Moray Treadwell on stage (Pic: Scott Rylander)Susie Blake and Moray Treadwell on stage (Pic: Scott Rylander)

Speaking from her hotel room at the Mercure Hotel in St Helens, the 72-year-old actress said she has had a "lovely" few days playing to audiences in the town.

After performing in countless theatre productions and popular television shows such as Coronation Street and Mrs Brown's Boys, it is the first time she has acted in St Helens since the 1980s.

Blake said: "Being on stage is an extraordinary experience because you're sharing all the feelings and emotions in the moment with the audience.

"Every audience is different and you can never rely on a laugh, so you have to do your best every night.

"However, it is easier when you have Joe [Pasquale], as he never holds back. He gives 100% every night so he is a good leader for the rest of us to follow suit."

St Helens Star: Sarah Earnshaw, Moray Treadwell and Joe Pasquale (Pic: Scott Rylander)Sarah Earnshaw, Moray Treadwell and Joe Pasquale (Pic: Scott Rylander)

Perceiving the theatre as an "all together different experience" from television, Blake said that she loves the storytelling aspect of a stage show, where a story is told from beginning to end.

She also loves the "reciprocal nature" between actors and audience, adding that the "lovely" crowd in St Helens seem to love the 'Some Mother's Do 'Ave 'Em performance.

While Blake has noticed a drop in people coming to the theatre, she hopes that places like the Theatre Royal stay open as long as possible to give local people the opportunity to get out and be entertained.

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