PLANS for a temporary marquee and five storage containers at a Rainford pub have been submitted.

An application proposing the scheme at The Junction, on News Lane, has been put forward.

It proposes the temporary siting of the marquee and storage containers on the land to the rear of the site for five years.

The marquee is planned to be used in conjunction with the existing business, the public house.

In the planning supporting statement, it says the marquee not only represents an opportunity for a ‘diversified income stream’ for the public house, securing its short-term viability, but is also to be used by a number of local community groups, ‘bolstering the community value’ of the marquee.

It adds: “If planning permission is not granted, there is a realistic prospect that the business will fail, resulting in the loss of 12 full-time and 14 part-time local jobs, together with the loss of an important local facility.

“It is submitted that the application submission, comprising this supporting statement and all documents set out at the appendix section of this statement, when viewed as a whole clearly demonstrate very special circumstances that justify approval of the development and that outweigh any risks and impacts on the green belt.

“There are no technical or policy reasons that could not be dealt with by way of a suitably worded planning condition, and therefore there is a presumption in favour of sustainable development and planning permission should be granted.

“Critically, in assessing any impact, significant weight should be given to the very special circumstances, which are set out within this submission, and it is submitted that these very special circumstances that are material considerations in outweighing any impact on the openness of the green belt.

“The proposal is therefore sustainable development and planning permission should be granted.”

Earlier this year an application for the permanent siting of a marquee had been refused by the council.