IN part two of this week's Q&A with Saints coach Kristian Woolf, the areas covered included Sam Royle's recall from loan, what he expects from Castleford and bouncing back from defeat and putting on something for the fans.

MC: You have recalled Sam Royle from Hull KR – have you been impressed with what he has done on loan there?

KW: I watched all three of his games for Hull KR – and he did 70 minutes, and two 80 minutes, and got a lot more comfortable with every opportunity.

St Helens Star:

I know speaking with Danny McGuire that he was really happy with him and the way he went about his work. And he has seen a progression in him as well.

I would have loved to have kept him there for a game or two and Hull KR are having a bit of a tough time there with injuries at the minute – and to call him back was quite difficult.

But with the injuries that we have got we need to make sure we have got ourselves quite covered.

We are bringing him back because he has an opportunity of playing this week – and if he doesn’t he will not be far off.

That is unfortunately what have had to do there.

MC: Castleford, too, took a bit of a beating at the weeked. Will that make a difference to this game?

KW: Their defeat by Wakefield puts them in the same position as us – desperate to make amends, to make sure they are playing at their best and start with a really good attitude. And that is exactly what we are going to do.

The thing about the teams we are playing at the minute is that they are all fighting for something.

Wakefield were fighting relegation, Salford for the top six, and now Cas are the same.

They are desperate, fighting for something and are going to play at their best.

And that is exactly what we need to do – worry about ourselves, be desperate and fight for what we want to achieve and be at our best.

We know that when we do that we can handle anyone.

Our challenge is to make sure we do that every week.

St Helens Star:

MC: Six games to go, injuries have made it difficult but do you look forward to trying to get the team formation that you'd like to see play together ahead of the finals?

KW: We would love to put a consistent team out every week and settle on what our 9,6, 7, 1 is going to be and what our edges look like.

If you look at both edges they don’t even look close to what they were in the early rounds.

There is one player left in most of those positions, so that is the reality of it.

So while we would love to start preparing for the team we are going to play in finals the reality is we just can’t do that at the minute, we can’t put those players out and get that combination.

What we need to worry about is putting out the best 13/17 out every week, and playing the way we want to play every week and take it game by game.

The only thing we need to be focused on at the minute is Castleford, ourselves and our performance this weekend.

If we get that right then we can worry about what we do next week.

I am certainly not worried about how many games we need to win to get League Leaders or where we might be sitting, and how we might be looking when we come into finals – all we have to worry about is this week.

St Helens Star:

MC: A home game and a terrestrial TV game with Channel 4 will get a few more eyes on this game. 

KW: What does not get lost on us is our support that I have mentioned plenty of times.

We had great support over at Salford on Sunday and it is outstanding when you get to look across and see our stands full and hearing the songs and trying to provide the best atmosphere for the team.

We did not produce our half of the bargain on Sunday and it is really important that with a home crowd - and the way they have supported us at home this year – that we turn that around and give them a performance they deserve this week.