SAINTS utility back Danny Hill has been elevated into the 21-man squad in recent weeks – a reward for the way he has applied himself since joining the club from Widnes in the off-season.

The 20-year-old, who made his Saints debut in the young side sent to Castleford after Easter, has impressed coach Kristian Woolf with the hard work that has produced results.

Woolf has already seen a transformation in the youngster, who began playing rugby with Newton Storm before moving on to Halton Farnworth Hornets and then Vikings via the Scholarship programme.

Woolf says Hill will add to his first team appearances before the year is out and that his recent inclusions in the 21 have been part of that match day development.

Woolf said: “Danny came to us last year with a body that was very under-developed and a skill level that was also under-developed and needed a lot of work.

“I have been impressed with how he has overcome that by working hard.

“I look at him now and his whole body shape has changed – his confidence with that and the way he moves has changed.

“His skill level and what he can do with the ball has improved out of sight.

“And when we put him on the training paddock in different positions he is starting to show his confidence in what he can do in taking opportunities and calling for them.

St Helens Star:

“He is seeing things and showing us more and more every time he is out on the field.

“He has been the same in reserves and has been one of our stand-out players there.

“We know he’s a guy who can play full back, centre or wing so he is great versatility wise as well.

“His inclusion in the 21 is a bit of reward and a bit of development.

“We definitely see him as a guy who is going to play a bit of footy for us in the back end of the year.”