PAUL Heaton and Jacqui Abbott have shared a new song ahead of their record-breaking gig at the Totally Wicked Stadium.

The tender track, 'Still', is about the pain of losing a child, whether by miscarriage, stillbirth, or in infancy - and the strength that can come from this.

It comes as the first single of the duo's new album, 'N.K-Pop', which will be released on Friday, September 30.

St Helens Star: 'N.K-Pop' comes out on September 30'N.K-Pop' comes out on September 30

Raising money for Sands, a baby loss charity, the poignant single has struck a chord with Paul and Jacqui's fans as well as those who have gone through the pain of losing a child.

Numerous celebrities have shared the track online, with Dawn French describing it as a "beautifully heartbreaking song".

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Speaking about 'Still', Paul Heaton said: "I wanted to write a song for folk who have lost a child, whether by miscarriage, stillbirth or in infancy.

"It’s a common occurrence and, for every one story you may hear, there are 20 or 30 left untold.

"Whilst totally understandable we, together with the stillbirth charity Sands, want to direct people to talking [about this].

"Many only feel able to talk to their partner about the loss, but talking to someone equally distressed can be suffocating.

"It has to be good to talk to people outside, because otherwise that loss can overwhelm you.

"I can’t say that’s wrong, because grief has strange ways of shaping and defining you.

"As a song, Still had to be quiet, meditative, and simple in it's arrangement, to hopefully reflect and understand those emotions.”


Fans of Paul and Jacqui will have the chance to hear the track live at the Totally Wicked Stadium on Friday, July 22, in front of a record-breaking attendance of more than 18,500 fans.

Speaking to the Star, Jacqui said she is “honoured” to play at such a momentous occasion, which will not only be the first concert at the Totally Wicked Stadium, but the first time she has played in front of a home crowd.

St Helens Star: Jacqui Abbott said she is "honoured" to play in front of a record-breaking home crowdJacqui Abbott said she is "honoured" to play in front of a record-breaking home crowd

With stellar support from Scottish rockers The Proclaimers and rising indie stars The Lathums, she said: “I feel very lucky to be a part of this and it’s a lovely thing to see everyone coming to St Helens to enjoy our music and the other artists.

“I’ve never played here before so it’s such a big deal to do something like this […] it’s going to be brilliant.”

Taking place on Friday, July 22, final tickets are still on sale for £35 from here and here.

St Helens Star: Remaining tickets are still on sale for the St Helens gigRemaining tickets are still on sale for the St Helens gig