SAINTS coach Kristian Woolf says nothing has been confirmed on his future despite media in Australia reporting that he is to move back to the NRL and link up as Wayne Bennett’s number two at the new NRL club the Dolphins.

It was reported in Australia earlier today that Woolf has been offered a four-year deal by The Dolphins, who will play their inaugural season in the NRL in 2023.

Those reports claimed the first two years of Woolf's Dolphins contract would be served as assistant to Wayne Bennett before taking over when the 72-year-old retired.

However, Woolf told today’s media briefing that his situation has not changed since he was last asked about his future at Friday’s post-match press conference.

Woolf said: “Any reports saying that things have been confirmed are not correct.

“When I know what I am doing – and that needs to be in the near future and certainly the next couple of weeks – then I will comment on that a bit more.

“I have had discussions with St Helens but I am not going to go through who I may or may not have spoken with in Australia.

“First and foremost, what I need to sort out is whether we are staying in England and if that is the case then no other club than St Helens would be a consideration.

“Or whether the different circumstances mean that it’s time to go back to Australia. If we decide that is the case then I will worry where that might be but that is something we have not decided yet as a family.

“We absolutely love living here and love living in St Helens.

“I love working at this club and more than anything dealing with this group of players that I get to deal with every week.

“I walk off the field on Friday night after that kind of performance under that type of adversity, the effort those blokes put in for each other because of what they want to achieve.

“I could not be prouder of the group. That is why you want to work with a group and what you want to see in them.

“That is what I am committed to at the minute and playing my little part in being part of that and seeing this group of men achieve what I believe they can achieve.

“The other things – what I am doing down the track – I will sort out sooner or later, but I can’t say enough times how comfortable we are here and how much we love living here and being part of this group and part of this club.”