A Newton-le-Willows band are releasing their first track.

Collusion, formed in 2018, are releasing a double-single on mainstream platforms such as Spotify, Apple music, and Amazon music.

The track will be an EP, which is longer than a single but shorter than an album, and will consist of two songs called Ride the Waves and Overpass.

Alex Whitaker, drummer of the band, said: "We feel really good, we’ve been listening to both songs quite a bit and showing it to our friends and family, but we’ve reached the point where we want other people to hear it now.

"We’re really excited and it’s gonna be interesting to see the response."

St Helens Star: Alex works as an events crew alongside his music career Alex works as an events crew alongside his music career

Collusion was first formed in 2018 with three band members, including current members Alex Whitaker and 21-year-old Josh Johnson, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist.

St Helens Star: Josh is the lead singer for the band Josh is the lead singer for the band

The boys started off as a cover band, performing popular songs from the likes of Arctic Monkeys at Newton pubs and venues.

They soon received attention around the area and were starting to become noticed.

20-year-old Alex said: "We originally started as a covers band with three of us playing local pubs, so we built up our local following from that.

"Newton-le-Willows have got quite a lot of musicians; we’ve also got the K’s and Rick Astley."

Following a period of performing covers, the band wanted to move on to writing and producing their own songs, which the covid-19 pandemic briefly stopped in its tracks.

The drummer added: "When covid hit, it slowed us down a bit as we didn’t practice much, but then towards the end of lockdown, we thought we’d move away from covers and do our own music.

"Josh started writing a few bits and then started recording them at home before sending them over to us. We were quite stunned by it, these were actually really good songs – even just acoustic versions, they were really good lyrically."

The third member recently left the band due to health issues, with Alex and Josh introducing two new faces to Collusion.

Tate Bennett, 21-year-old lead guitarist, and bassist Lindley Hunter, 19, both became the new members.

The foursome have since developed a profile and are set to release their debut track next month.

Discussing the band’s ‘sound’, Alex, who started drumming at the age of eight, said: "We’ve got a bouncy and punchy kind of sound. It’s not too heavy but it’s not light-hearted either – it’s in that middle area."

The EP will be released on August 12.