SIONE Mata’utia has been banned for three matches after picking up a Grade C charge of behaving in any way contrary to the true spirit of the game.

The incident was classed as ‘lifting an injured player’ when Mata’utia tugged at Danny Levi’s collar in the first half incident that saw him sent off. 

Mata’utia has been handed a three-match penalty notice.

He will miss games against Wakefield, Salford and Castleford.

Morgan Knowles has been banned for one match after a Grade A late hit on a passer.

No charges have come from the incident that saw him yellow carded late in the game.

It was classed as ‘use of the forearm’ with the player(Knowles) being held on to and is wriggling and pushing to be released.

Knowles will miss the Wakefield game on Sunday.

Jack Welsby has been handed a Grade A charge for a late hit on Theo Fages, but he has a 0 match penalty notice so is free to play at Wakefield on Sunday.

RFL Disciplinary Charges.

Sam Walters Leeds - High tackle, Grade A, 0-Match penalty notice.

Cheyse Blair, Castleford - forearm to head, Grade C, 2-match penalty notice.

Sam Luckley, Salford - Trip, Grade B, 1-match penalty notice.

Jack Welsby, Saints - late hit, Grade A, 0-match penalty notice.

Morgan Knowles, Saints - late hit, Grade A, 1-match penalty notice.

Sione Mata'utia, Saints - Contrary behaviour, Grade C, 3-match penalty notice.