A BEAUTY salon owner in Newton-le-Willows has shared her business story and her love for her hometown. 

Elizabeth Davies opened House of Eden last April with hopes of bringing her passion onto her home high street.

She said: "I found the premises during covid and I’ve always wanted my own beauty studio and I’ve always wanted it on the high street.

"I’ve also always wanted to provide space for other talented beauticians in the area as well.

"It’s when lockdown restrictions lifted and all the salons could reopen officially, so I took the plunge, got the team together and opened the salon."

The salon provides beauty services including make up, nails, facials, and aesthetics. 

The 24-year-old also spoke about how her career started at a young age.

Elizabeth added: "From a young age, I started doing make up; I actually started in the toilets of my high school. I had girls queueing up and I would do their make up before parties.

"I’ve always had this as my passion."

The salon has a unique display in the shop, with the business owner explaining the inspiration to House of Eden.

She said: "Eden is Hebrew for beauty, so I always said I wanted it to look like the Garden of Eden, and my dad said, ‘well what a better way than if we put a tree right in the middle of the salon.’

"The council were cutting down trees behind our house, and my dad popped out and went ‘excuse me, do you mind if you give us that tree’ so he tied it to the car and we took it into the salon."

St Helens Star: The tree has been decorated with artificial flowers The tree has been decorated with artificial flowers

The beauty salon also has a garden in the back where both staff and clients are able to relax. 

St Helens Star: The garden is found at the back of the salon The garden is found at the back of the salon

Despite opening just over a year ago and during a cost of living crisis, the business is doing well, with the support of her community keeping the salon going. 

Elizabeth has always kept Newton-le-Willows close to her heart and her love for her hometown is a big part of her customer service. 

She said: "It’s always been my dream to have something so close to my home with people around me that know me.

"It’s that home feeling. People always say I feel like home because we actually come from that area."