AN estate agent in Newton-le-Willows claims that waiting until housing prices have dropped will not be beneficial in the long run. 

Buyers have been 'waiting for the market to crash' before purchasing a property, however, local estate agent Fraser Reeves claims that this is not the best way forward. 

Scott Fraser, owner of Fraser Reeves Estate Agent in Newton-le-Willows, said: "The thing is, people have been saying this to me for about two years, and while they’ve been waiting, the prices have been going up.

"I'm not sure the waiting game is a good tactic really at the moment. I think they assume that all the prices will come down, but I think in the long term there’s very much a shortage of houses.

"In the long term, houses will always be a good investment."

Newton-le-Willows has previously been named as the second hottest property seller's market in the UK by Real Estate company Rightmove. 

The area is known for its accessible railway transport to neighbouring cities, Liverpool and Manchester, and the wide range of independent businesses on its high street. 

The property agency has also met with Sean Traynor, head of strategic growth at St Helens Council, regarding the regeneration plans of the town, including developments to the Earlestown market square and train station. 

Despite the current cost of living crisis, Scott claims that the area's housing market remains as desirable. 

Scott, who has been the owner for 24 years, added: "Despite the gloom and doom on the news, we’re absolutely chock-a-block. I’ve got sales on most of the properties and if we get anything half decent it sells within 48 hours.

"As of yet, I’ve seen no signs of the cost of living crisis affecting us. It’s only very recently we’ve seen a surge in demands; from most of our buyers being local buyers for many years, to all of a sudden people have heard of us and now it’s a hot place to live.

"Perhaps 10 years ago, approximately 90 per cent of our buyers were still local people.

"Hopefully this hot market will radiate and make more areas in Newton-le-Willows a bit more desirable."

According to the estate agent, more than 50 per cent of their buyers are from outside the area, with the growing hospitality of Newton-le-Willows being a predominant attraction.