RUGBY league is part of the DNA of St Helens and the exploits and tales of derring-do of past Saints idols are woven into the fabric of the town’s folklore.

Many of those stories are passed on through the generations – and through good times and the lean years this has not only helped keep the game’s tradition alive but also provided its lifeblood for future supporters and players.

Many townsfolk get their affection and loyalty to the Saints from their parents and grandparents.

St Helens Star:

And on this Father’s Day – if you are going up to visit your dad or granddad – ask him to name his favourite Saints XIII (no subs to cop out of the tough decisions) and then put it beside your own selection to see how they differ.

If you jot the teams down and email them in, we will publish them online later this week.

My dad is sadly no longer with us, but in 2019 I asked him to list his favourite XIII – given he had the benefit of the 1950s and 60s over me.

St Helens Star:

This was Brian Critchley’s XIII: 1. Glyn Moses, 2. Tom van Vollenhoven, 3. Duggie Greenall, 4. Mal Meninga, 5. Mick Sullivan; 6. Alec Murphy, 7. Wilf Smith; 8. Abe Terry, 9. Keiron Cunningham, 10. Alan Prescott, 11. George Nicholls, 12. Dick Huddart, 13. Vinty Karalius.

Mike Critchley’s XIII: 1. Paul Wellens; 2. Tommy Makinson, 3. Jamie Lyon, 4. Mal Meninga, 5. Roy Mathias; 6. Chris Arkwright, 7. Sean Long; 8. Apollo Perelini, 9. Keiron Cunningham, 10. Kevin Ward, 11. Chris Joynt, 12. Roy Haggerty, 13. Paul Sculthorpe. 

Email your dad’s and/or granddads team and your own XIII by noon on Tuesday to: and we'll look to publish it.

Please include your name and your dad’s name next to the teams.