AS we build up to tomorrow's England game against the Combined Nations All Stars it is time to reflect on the nationalities that have played for Saints over the years.

Saints have drawn in players from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Islands.

The options for a Combined Saints All Stars XIII are multiple.

This selection is not meant to be a Best XIII - but have a crack at naming your own from the dozens of overseas stars that have graced the red vee.

The only rules are is the players selected must have played in that position for Saints and have come in from beyond the British Isles.

St Helens Star:

1. Ben Barba.

St Helens Star: Tom Van Vollenhoven

2. Tom Van Vollenhoven.

St Helens Star:

3. Kevin Naiqama.

St Helens Star:

4. Mal Meninga.

St Helens Star: Darren Albert scores at the Valley in a big Saints win

5. Darren Albert.

St Helens Star:

6. Tea Ropati.

St Helens Star:

7. Theo Fages.

St Helens Star:

8. Apollo Perelini.

St Helens Star:

9. Joey Lussick.

St Helens Star:

10. Agnatius Paasi.

St Helens Star:

11. Zeb Taia.

St Helens Star:

12. Sia Soliola.

St Helens Star:

13. Shane Cooper.


St Helens Star:

14. Fereti Tuilagi.

St Helens Star:

15. Jamie Lyon.

St Helens Star:

16. David Fairleigh.

St Helens Star:

17. Maurie Fa'asavalu.

A Saints Combined Nations All Stars XIII.

1. Ben Barba. (Aus)

2. Tom Van Vollenhoven. (SA)

3. Kevin Naiqama.(Fiji)

4. Mal Meninga.(Aus).

5. Darren Albert. (Aus).

6. Tea Ropati. (NZ).

7. Theo Fages. (Fra).

8. Apollo Perelini. (Sam).

9. Joey Lussick. (Aus).

10. Agnatius Paasi. (Tonga).

11. Zeb Taia. (Cook Is/NZ).

12. Sia Soliola. (Samoa).

13. Shane Cooper. (NZ).


14. Fereti Tuilagi. (Sam).

15. Jamie Lyon. (Aus).

16. David Fairleigh. (Aus).

17. Maurie Fa'asavalu. (Samoa).