A high street shop in Newton-le-Willows has been renamed following a new owner taking over. 

The balloon, sweets, and gifts shop has had its former Humbugs name changed to Jasmine’s, after the owner's daughter. 

Carla Agger, owner of Jasmine’s, took over the business in February after noticing the high street shop was up for sale.

Carla said: “I was sitting over at Chouxchouxbedoo with my mum last year and we noticed this business was up for sale, so we just thought we’d go and have a view. We walked in and just loved it.

“It’s like a dream to own your own business on Newton high street. When I had my daughter Jasmine, my sister actually designed the logo that I have at the shop today which was eight years ago, so it was fate.”

The 40-year-old used to work in marketing, however, she had always known that running her own business was what she really wanted.

She added: “I just started off at home making wax melts and liked being my own boss, so I always wanted to have my own business.

“With the situation of the last couple of years, I think it makes you realise sometimes you just got to go for things and change your mindset a little bit." 

St Helens Star: The shop is one of the businesses on Newton high street The shop is one of the businesses on Newton high street

Carla mentioned that her new business will remain a balloon and sweet shop, with new additions possibly introduced to the store.

She has also completed a balloon and business course from NABAS, The Balloon and Party Professionals Association.

She said: “Balloons are huge at the minute. Parties are just phenomenal, and people want to spoil their kids and really want to make a day of it.

“We’re keeping up with the traditional pick 'n' mix but we’re going to expand a little bit.”

Carla also discussed her eight-year-old daughter being the inspiration behind the new name of her business.

Carla said: “She’s my pride and joy, and I really liked that my sister made the logo with her name, it’s just brilliant.

“She’s absolutely over the moon. Apparently, she goes to school and tells everybody that she’s got a job and always asks me when can I retire so she can have the shop.

“She gets her little gloves on and does the pick ‘n’ mix and gets all the jars down for me, it’s great.”

The business will be expanding online, with a website being created and plans to offer free local deliveries.