THE rising fuel prices across the UK has led people to race to find the cheapest costs in their area. 

Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine has seen UK fuel prices soar up to alarming figures due to issues with oil supply. 

Since February, prices have dramatically increased with drivers fearing a further rise amidst a cost of living crisis. 

Here are the cheapest petrol and diesel prices across St Helens Borough, according to 


Costco St Helens (Costco Haydock Automat) - 175.7p

Asda St Helens Automat - 177.7p 

Asda Huyton - 177.7p

Tesco St Helens Extra - 177.9p

Texaco Warrington Road (MFG Whiston) - 177.9p

Texaco Newton-le-Willows (MFG Newton-le-Willows) - 177.9p

Tesco Windle St Helens Express - 178.9p

Texaco St Helens Road (Prescot Fuel Service Station) - 178.9p

Tesco Prescot Extra - 178.9p

Tesco Haydock Church Road - 179.9p


Costco St Helens (Costco Haydock Automat) - 178.9p

Morrisons Boundary Road - 184.7p

Morrisons St Helens - 184.7p

BP Worsley Brow (Worsley Brow Service Station) - 184.9p

Asda St Helens Automat - 185.7p

Asda Huyton - 186.7p

Tesco St Helens Extra - 187.9p

BP West End Road (West End Road Service Station) - 187.9p

Texaco Warrington Road (MFG Whiston) - 187.9p

Tesco Prescot Extra - 187.9p