THIS week's Q&A with Saints boss Kristian Woolf is in two parts.

The first looks at the Toulouse experience, the 1,6, 7, Regan Grace's return and another solid display from Curtis Sironen.

Mike Critchley caught up with the coach yesterday.

MC: Maybe not the best time to be flying, but how did you handle the trip to Toulouse?

KW: It was a difficult weekend. 10 hours in transit on the way over and maybe a bit longer on the way back it made it a big but tiring weekend.

They are the same sort of problems that everyone who is travelling is experiencing at the moment.

That is one of the things I was probably happiest about with the game; it was a tough day the day before.

Going the day before helped but it was a long, tiring day – standing in queues all day and finishing quite stiff.

There was a change of ref and a couple of things that could have led to frustration in the game but I thought our blokes handled the whole occasion really well and made sure we got a win.

That was positive for me.

St Helens Star:

MC: The game was still quite tight when those two tries were disallowed, but you must have been pleased with how the players responded?

KW: If I look at both of those tries on video then I believe they are both tries. There was a period where we felt like we were getting on top without getting the reward on the scoreboard.

You can get frustrated with that and lose your composure.

I thought that was something we did really well, we responded positively.

So when we had a disallowed try, they got the ball – we got the ball back and then had another disallowed try.

We earned the ball back again and were happy to keep going about that process and kept our response positive and that is why we got a result.

MC: You said before the game you wanted to have a good look at the 1,6,7 combination with a view to cementing that in. How do you think it went?

KW: I thought it was good. I said before the game it puts the most experienced players in their right positions.

Jonny Lomax is our most experienced player in 6, 7, 1 and has taken on the role of being our half back and is only going to get better the more time he takes that responsibility.

Jack Welsby is so versatile – whether at 1 or 6 and can do both comfortably.

And Will Hopoate is an experienced full back – and he is a class player. One of the reasons for bringing him in was the fact that he can cover centre and full back and that gives us depth.

St Helens Star:

He is extremely safe at full back and showed that the other day and has some real class about his skillset and his decision making.

The more that those three combine with our hookers in playing together then the better they are going to become together.

St Helens Star:

MC: Are you now expecting more from Jack at the end of sets - with that responsibility shared?

KW: Jack has had to take on a bigger role in the team and he did that at the start of the year when he took on a crucial position as a full back. Now he’s in just as crucial a position at 6 and with losing our main kicker in Doddy there is a bit more emphasis on both Jack and Jonny doing a bit more kicking. They are certainly warming to that and doing that well as well.

St Helens Star:

MC: A try and some fine kick returns, you must be delighted to get Regan Grace back on the field?

KW: I thought he made a real impact with his kick returns and his speed around the middle of the field.

The longer the game went the more you could see his speed was going to become a factor. It was great to have that back.

It was great to get a real reminder of what Regan does bring to the team.

His combination with the team is only going to improve – after such a lengthy period out.

St Helens Star:

MC: A solid game from Curtis Sironen – strong contact in defence and he bumps them off when carrying. Happy with the way he is going now?

KW: We have said many times that he is a guy who is going to have an impact on the competition.

Now that he is getting a run of games he is getting better and better and more comfortable with what we need from him and his role in our team.

It is great to see that improvement and he is another one who I can only see having a bigger impact as the year goes on.

Part II online tomorrow morning looks at reaction to Sione Mata'utia's ban, Hull KR, double header with reserves and the return of Lachlan Coote.