PLANS to install more floodlights at a sports club have been approved despite some resident objections.

Proposals to put in four floodlights at Newton-le-Willows Sports Club on Crow Lane East were sent to the council earlier this year.

The application was drawn up by Peter Whitty, treasure at the Newton Sports Club tennis section. 

The floodlights, which would be at the tennis courts, would be mounted on two eight-metre columns. 

The tennis courts currently have three sets of floodlights, the application says.

The plans received some objections from a residents who cited concerns over noise and light pollution.

One said: “I previously objected to the last application which went ahead.

“I strongly object to this application, the current lights shine into my garden and rear children’s bedrooms.

“The addition of further very powerful lights will be a significant intrusion”.

In a report, recommending approval of the plans, case officer Alex Ball noted: "The floodlights will continue to support a community sports club and facilitating modern up to date facilities, conducive to good quality physical education and sport.

"Floodlights also enable outdoor facilities to be used during winter evenings, giving them substantially higher usage rates than equivalent non-floodlit facilities and increasing choice and flexibility of playing times for users."

It added: "The lighting plan provides measures to ensure light spillage is minimised to the rear aspect of the residential properties to the west.

"By design, these measures also reduce light spill at the hedge.

"The lighting proposals are acceptable."

Plans were formally approved.