A 40-YEAR-OLD woman was sentenced today after "tricking" her dad into purchasing a property that she and her family could live in.

Clare Roughley, of Newfields, Eccleston, was visibly emotional as she appeared at Liverpool Crown Court for a charge of mortgage fraud today (Monday, May 30), via a video link from prison.

She is currently seven months into her six-year sentence after stealing more than £325,000 from her family and a quadriplegic woman she cared for.

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From November 2015 to July 2016, Peter Hussey, prosecuting, told the court how Roughley "dishonestly arranged" for her father to become the homeowner of a property she was renting with her ex-partner and two young children.

Preying on her father's lack of financial nous, Roughley "tricked him into believing he was a guarantor" while misleading solicitors and the mortgage company that she was acting on his behalf.

Despite her father being close to retirement age, Roughley took out a mortgage of £50,795 in his name and named him as sole proprietor of the property.

As Roughley used to work as a bank manager, Mr Hussey stated she "abused her position of power and responsibility of her father", while causing her family "so much upset and stress".

The mortgage payment is currently on hold until court proceedings are resolved as Roughley's ex-partner and children still live in the property - a situation which Mr Roughley described as a "nightmare".

St Helens Star: Roughley appeared at Liverpool Crown Court via a video link from prisonRoughley appeared at Liverpool Crown Court via a video link from prison

With Roughley currently serving time for her previous offences, Jeremy Lasker, defending, said that she accepts she has "got no one else to blame but herself".

Noting the ramifications her offending has had on her family, Mr Lasker said Roughley is remorseful for her actions and is "genuinely suffering as a mother" due to the separation from her children.

With Roughley's earliest release date pencilled in as October 2024, he asked the judge to consider sentencing Roughley concurrently to her current jail time.

Speaking to Roughley while summarising, Recorder Shafi QC, said: "You effectively used your father without his knowledge to secure a mortgage for your property.

"Your father is absolutely blameless in this situation and had nothing but the intention to help his daughter, as any good father would.

"If I was dealing with this [offence] by itself, you would be sent straight to prison for a substantial period of time.

"But I think in the circumstances and the situation you find yourself in, that it is just and appropriate to make the sentence concurrent."

Handing Roughley a three-year concurrent sentence - in which she would usually serve half of this time - the 40-year-old will not serve any further time in custody and will be released in October 2024.