A beauty salon is joining businesses on the Newton High Street as it takes over a former hairdressers.

The House of Glam, currently based on Parkside Road, will be taking over the previous Christopher Hairdressers on the High Street.

Lily Cooper, owner of the salon, said: “I’m really excited. We’ve been going to Christopher’s since I was small; we moved here when I was 3 and it was one of the first hairdressers my mum found to get her hair done and she’s just stayed with them.

“So my mum and dad know Chris and he’s known me since I was little, and they were just chatting to him one day when they were getting their hair done and that’s how it all came about really.

“We were able to purchase the business and expand even more. I do say it’s one of the best shops on the high street in terms of size. It’s a perfect place- I am made up with it.”

The 24-year-old beautician started her business in 2019, with appointments made from home, however, she had to bring the business to a halt following the initial lockdown in 2020.

Lily added: “When lockdown hit in 2020, I had to go back to my old job because I had no source of income, so I had to close. When we reopened after lockdown, that’s when I started to grow my business a bit more.

“I hired a couple self-employed girls doing lashes, aesthetics and nails, and then I’ve just been able to grow it from then on really.

“I started off with zero clients and now I have a full diary- I had people booking in for Christmas today!”

Lily currently has a salon set up in her home, however, she will soon move into her own building on the High Street.

St Helens Star: The House of Glam current set up The House of Glam current set up

Four weeks of major refurbishments have been carried out at the ex-hairdressers, including a new kitchen, lighting, reception desk and a waiting area installed.

Lily said: “I’m really proud of myself in how it’s come out in such a short few years. There is still hard work to come because I want to grow and expand my business as much as possible, but I think the hard work has paid off so far which is really good.

“I’m looking forward to our open day, it’ll be nice to see it all come together and finished."

The open day of The House of Glam will be on Sunday June 5, with nibbles, fizz, and music on site.