SAINTS can thank Tommy Makinson for his last gasp try saving tackle for securing the win over neighbours and rivals Warrington.

After a patchy performance with the ball, the reigning champions were gamely holding on to a 12-10 lead with a minute on the clock.

Although they had the Wire pinned on their own line, they chanced their arm with a crafty kick wide which released Connor Wrench.

The speedster brushed off the first challenge of Mark Percival and sped down the right flank before skinning full back Jonny Lomax for pace.

Lomax had held off the Wire wing for long enough to buy Makinson, covering from the opposite flank, time to get across and pull off the perfect tackle.

St Helens Star:

Coach Kristian Woolf hailed the contribution of Makinson in securing the spoils - with that tackle thrown in with his try, two goals and multiple hard carries.

Woolf said: "It was a bit nerve-wracking at the end.

"I knew what sort of effort we were going to put up with and what scramble we would come up with.

"The play at the end there we did not quite get the D right and it gave Connor Wrench a chance down the sideline.

"I just thought Tommy Makinson’s effort to get across, to be in that position and make that play, was outstanding.

"You need that from your big players and Tommy was good enough to come up with that tonight."

He described the one-time Golden Boot as the best wing in Super League - listing his attributes on both sides of the ball.

"You always fall in love with your own players but for me he is the best winger in the competition over here," Woolf said.

"He has got an all-round game; the way he carries and the way he finishes tries.

"He is very good under a catch and is a good attacking target if we want to kick for him.

"He has got that effort about him – he is a team player first and he showed that tonight in that effort.

"He is certainly a bloke that I want in our team."

Saints' period of ascendancy at the back end of the first half co-incided with the arrival on the pich of Agnatius Paasi whose carry and offload put them of the front foot and helped set up that second phase that led to the second try.

St Helens Star:

Woolf said: "Aganatius has been great all year. He is getting more and more comfortable and more and more confident in making a real impact every time he comes on to the field.

"Everyone sees his carries and his offload and the way he makes an impact that way – but he is bringing energy in defence to back that up is what I liked the most."