BUSINESSES in Fingerpost are struggling to keep afloat as energy, food, and fuel prices continue to rise. 

After the difficulties of the pandemic, it is an extremely concerning time for businesses as the costs of their products are increasing, as well as electricity bills to keep their shop running and the fuel costs for deliveries.

There are also fewer customers coming through their door and it is a daily dilemma whether to put their own prices up, as this may deter further customers from coming into spend money.

If there is no extra support from the government in the coming months, business owners on Higher Parr Street said that they may struggle to survive.

What have business owners said?

Clean Lean Fit Food

St Helens Star: Barry said that the price increase for their products has been "phenomenal"Barry said that the price increase for their products has been "phenomenal"

With a "phenomenal" price increase of their products since the turn of the year, Barry Carmody, owner of Clean Lean Fit Food, said that the cost of living crisis is a "massive concern" for businesses like his.

Sourcing the products for their healthy meals is a constant issue for the family-run business, who are now facing a lot more competition from businesses that operate and deliver meals from home.

With less and less people coming through their door, Barry said the business are "only just keeping afloat" at the end of every month.

St Helens Star: Clean Lean Fit Food, on Higher Parr StreetClean Lean Fit Food, on Higher Parr Street

Barry said: "The price increase for the food we buy, even from just January to May, is phenomenal.

"We used to get queues out the door but footfall has massively dropped off recently, and we have had to offer delivery just to keep up with our competitors.

"We are having to think about increasing our prices because I'm concerned about taking a wage home for myself most of the time."

Concerned about the future of the business as prices continue to rise, Barry said that businesses like his "need help now" in order to survive.

Discount Foods 4U

St Helens Star: Johnathan CogleyJohnathan Cogley

Similarly, the discount butchers on Higher Parr Street, is also dealing with increasing wholesale prices as fewer customers are coming in to buy their products.

Johnathan Cogley, owner of Discount Foods 4U, said: "It is a lot more expensive to buy our products, and every day it is getting a lot quieter.

"Our profits are going down and down and I think is it worth going half of the time.

Johnathan suggested that businesses in Fingerpost are often forgotten about and the cost of living crisis will prove a real test for local businesses to stay open.

St Helens Star: Discount Foods 4UDiscount Foods 4U

Johnathan added: "I try to keep the prices as low as I can and we just have to try to keep going."

Pat's Cafe

St Helens Star: Pat's Cafe has struggled with increasing pricesPat's Cafe has struggled with increasing prices

David, a worker at Pat's Cafe did not want to be pictured but said that business has been "really inconsistent" since the turn of the year and feels it "hasn't been the same" since before the pandemic.

Since January, the cost of their products has increased by almost £200 a week more than it used to.

The business put up their prices in March and changed their opening hours in order to cope with the crisis, and are now thinking about the consequences of increasing their prices once again.

David said: "The cost of everything has gone up and people are having to be a lot more careful with their money, and we can't expect people to come in when they're struggling with their own bills.

"Everybody is in the same boat in Fingerpost. We are all paying wages and our bills and just hoping things will pick up.

"But with people spending less money and maybe saving for their holidays, I don't think that it will pick back up. I don't know when this is going to stop."