SAINTS half back Jonny Lomax will continue to play through the pain barrier this year despite rupturing his bicep two weeks ago.

The club’s medical staff are confident that playing on cannot make the experienced number 6’s injury any worse – although it does come with some pain.

Saints assistant coach Paul Wellens paid tribute to Lomax’s bravery and professionalism in taking on the challenge of managing this injury until the end of the season.

Wellens said: “Jonny is the most diligent professional I have ever come across with his preparation and the way he gets himself ready for games is unbelievable.

“Obviously when you pick up an injury like his it is not ideal but you know with Jonny that he will do everything that he can to put himself in a position to play, which he did at the weekend.

“He has come through the game really well and is looking forward to the challenge at the weekend.”

St Helens Star:

With scrum half Lewis Dodd sidelined for the rest of the season with a serious Achilles injury and full backs Will Hopoate and Jon Bennison currently out with hamstring and a fractured cheekbone respectively, Saints have been stretched in the spine.

With a key job to do, Lomax put his hand up and gritted his teeth to play in last week’s semi-final and will be back for more.

That does come with some pain – with Lomax again showing his resilience and commitment to the Red Vee.

“It is difficult to quantify what type of pain and feelings of emotions you go through – but Jonny handles it really well and shows his resilience time and time again,” Wellens said.

“It is something Jonny can manage – it is and injury that can be played with, but that is not to say it doesn’t come with a little bit of pain.

“He is going to have to deal with that, but Jonny is a brave lad and he’ll handle that no problem.

“The injury itself is one where as time goes by the pain will subside and it will become easier to manage.”

Wellens said that the damage done to the muscle with the injury is such that playing on with it can’t make it any worse – and trust is placed in the club’s medical staff on this one.

He added: “The medical staff leave no stone unturned when it comes to what is best for Jonny and his physical healthy.

“That is first and foremost and by putting Jonny in a position to play they and Jonny are confident that it won’t make it any worse.

“As coaches we trust a lot in our medical staff with the information we are provided with. We have a lot of trust in them and Jonny does too.

“They feel there is no further risk attached to Jonny continuing to play.”