Love hot cross buns? Love them even more when they’re free? Then head to Morrisons this Friday for your chance to get a free hot cross bun!

Over 10,000 hot cross buns will be given away for free on Good Friday across Morrisons stores nationwide.

The buns are made in-store by Morrison's bakers so you can enjoy your baked goods fresh from the oven.

Better yet, there’s no qualifying spend. Instead, the buns will be handed out at random by Morrisons staff.

According to recent research conducted by Morrisons, four in five (82 percent) customers plan on purchasing hot cross buns this week with 39 percent saying they couldn’t imagine Easter without them.

St Helens Star: Free hot cross buns at Morrisons (Morrisons)Free hot cross buns at Morrisons (Morrisons)

More than three-quarters (87 percent) of those polled also said that receiving something free of charge would make a positive difference to their day, with more than half (59 per cent) saying they would be likely to pay forward this act of kindness to a friend or family member.

Jacob Cox, Bakery Manager at Morrisons, says: “Easter is a time to share and celebrate and we wanted to do something that would put a smile on customers’ faces. We know hot cross buns are a favourite at this time of year, which is why we’re giving away our traditional Market Street version for customers to enjoy on us.”

Morrison's bakers start their shifts at 5am and are set to bake over eight million hot cross buns in store over Easter.