A TRAVELLING Circus has pitched up in St Helens to delight crowds with "thrilling" performances and jaw-dropping stunts.

Opening up in Sherdley Park on Wednesday, March 30, Planet Circus will perform a dazzling show every night until Sunday, April 10.

Described as one of the oldest and most established Circus families in Europe, Planet Circus' two-hour production includes balancing acts, aerial displays, and crossbow stunts inside their Big Top Circus tent.

The main attraction comprises of the famous 'Globe of Death' in which up to seven FMX stunt riders drive simultaneously at almost impossible angles, while more stunt riders pull tricks as they fly over the top of the structure.

The daredevil freestyle riders are also using the event to train for a future Guinness Book of World Records Attempt.

Travelling the world with the circus, a spokesperson said they want to "share the magic of the circus and the circus way of life" with the people of St Helens. 

To find out more about Planet Circus and their events in St Helens, visit this link