ST HELENS Council has arranged for the Steve Prescott Bridge to be lit blue and yellow in unity with the people of Ukraine. 

After weeks of political tension and an increasing Russian military presence on the border of Ukraine, a scheduled invasion is reported to have occurred in the country yesterday (Thursday, February 24).

With explosions heard across the country, multiple military and civilian casualties have been reported.

St Helens Star: A map of Russian entry into UkraineA map of Russian entry into Ukraine

Politicians across the world have condemned the act of Russian aggression, including MPs in St Helens.

Marie Rimmer MP said the world must "unite in its condemnation of Putin" while Conor McGinn MP called for a "very strong, robust and united response to deal with the threat of Russian aggression".

St Helens Council has now shown its support for the people of Ukraine and will light up the Steve Prescott Bridge in Blue and Yellow today (Friday, February 25) and over the weekend.

St Helens Star: The people of Ukraine had previously protested the threat of Russian invasionThe people of Ukraine had previously protested the threat of Russian invasion

In a statement, St Helens Borough Council Leader David Baines said:

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a barbaric attack on democracy and freedom, and a potential danger – not just to Eastern Europe – but the whole world. Britain and our allies need to stand united against Putin’s aggression. 

“Many Ukrainian nationals have made their home here in Merseyside and our hearts go out to them at this time.

"St Helens Borough Council will do all we can to support them, and we stand ready to give sanctuary to others who may be forced to flee Ukraine in the weeks ahead. 

“Lighting the Steve Prescott Bridge is a symbol of unity and solidarity, but we need action too. We call on the British government to do everything in its power to give safe passage and help those who need us.”