A ST HELENS MP has called on the government to support Pilkington and the British glass industry "before it is too late".

Due to the recent energy crisis, St Helens South & Whiston MP Marie Rimmer explained that this has resulted in Pilkington's bills increasing from an average of £1million per month to over £8million.

Across the country, factories, businesses and homeowners have been impacted by the crisis, which has been brought about, in part, by concerns over Russia’s gas exports to western Europe.

Industrial companies like Pilkington have been particularly impacted as they use large amounts of energy to manufacture their products, and are facing mounting financial problems with the rising bills.

Calling Pilkington "part of the furniture" in St Helens, Marie Rimmer said that the glass industry is losing out on business to European competitors which are receiving support from their own respective governments

Reminding her fellow MPs that the security glass inside the House of Commons was produced in the town, she called on the government to support the glass industry with a contingency plan to ensure the sector does not collapse.

St Helens Star: St Helens South & Whiston MP, Marie RimmerSt Helens South & Whiston MP, Marie Rimmer (Image: St Helens Star)

At a speech given in Parliament, Marie Rimmer MP said: "Glass is part of the past, the present and the future of our town.

"We have been at the heart of the global glass industry for over 200 years. Through no fault of their own, energy prices have surged up. Other governments are helping their glass manufacturers, so it is time the British Government did the same.

“Labour are calling for a £600 million contingency fund to support energy intensive businesses such as glass manufacturers. We cannot afford to let our manufacturing sector collapse. The Government needs to support British business.”