A FATHER and son who went out taking pictures at a former seminary have made a ghostly discovery.

Craig Wilson and son Joseph, 15, from Prescot, were out exploring around St Joseph's seminary in Up Holland taking photographs of the site.

However, a couple of days later they noticed they may have captured more in their pictures than they first realised.

Craig said, upon reviewing the images a couple of days later, they noticed that one appears to show three ghostly images in the window under the clock.

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Figures of a man, woman and a child can be spotted in the window in the spooky photograph.

St Joseph's was a Roman Catholic seminary and boarding school, built in 1880.

The building, now derelict, has been closed since 1992.

"It's a hobby, for me and my son to spend some quality time," said Craig, 49.

"We went up to St Joseph's Seminary, it's a good spot to go, I was just taking pictures from the outside.

"When we got home I went through the pictures and my son pointed out we could see three figures at the window," added Craig, a landscape gardener at Knowsley Council.


St Josephs Seminary

St Joseph's Seminary


"I have shown my friends and every person who has seen it says 'wow, it's spooky that'," he added.

"I am not a believer in that kind of stuff but I took the picture and know it's not been doctored or anything. It's given me second thoughts!"

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