PLANS to convert a former social club have been granted permission.

The proposals for the change of use of the former Rockware on Shaw Street, St Helens from a licensed premises to a mixed use adult day care centre and a light industrial unit were sent to the council last October.

Plans were submitted by Marie Cunliffe, of Ever Evolving, which provides open day care provision for young adults with additional needs.

The application "supersedes" previous plans to convert the building into industrial units and possibly a sports bar or convenience store, which had been approved in 2020.

Plans said the ground floor would include an entrance leading to an activity room, which features a separated kitchen area.

It is also proposed for there to be a reception and office and sensory room next to the activity room, following into a main function room.

There will also be toilets, an additional office and a changing room.

Meanwhile, the light industrial unit will remain as per the previously approved plans.

An updated design and access statement added that there will be "up to 50 service users plus 10 staff who can be accommodated at the same time".

There will be "three group sessions per day, six days per week" from Mondays to Saturdays.

Sessions will be from 9am to 2.30pm; 2.30pm to 5pm and to 7.30pm.

Recommending the plans for approval in a report, case officer Natasha Ayres said: "The change of use will be supporting local business, as well as the local economy, by ensuring that appropriate premises are available at the right time, attractive and viable".

She added that due to the proposals being "more reliant on drop off and pick up trips" it is "considered prudent to reduce the number of permanent parking spaces and designate a couple of spaces for drop off trips".

The report added: "It is not considered that there will be any detriment to the amenity of the locality from the proposed use, as there would be no alterations to the building and the activities that the proposed would be unlikely to impact on amenity of the surrounding residential area.

"The proposed change of use will be enabling the building to be reused, which will generate valuable jobs that contribute to a sustainable local economy".