Boris Johnson updated the UK on the Covid-19 status of the country today.

The UK Prime Minister was joined by Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Whitty and Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance.

This comes as it was announced on Monday, November 15 that over 40-year-olds can now get their booster vaccine.

According to the government's scientific advisors, the booster jab has the potential to reduce transmission of the virus over the winter months, which would relieve pressure from the NHS.

Speaking on Monday morning, Sir Vallance said: "if the booster programme is successful, and with very high uptake, we can massively reduce the worry about hospitalisation and death due to Covid at Christmas, and for the rest of this winter."

The Prime Minister urged the public to take up their vaccines, as it will prevent harsher restrictions in the future.

It has also been confirmed that 16 and 17-year olds, who were previously offered only a single dose of the vaccine, will be offered a second jab.

What did Boris Johnson say in his Covid update today?

Boris Johnson confirmed in his update that vaccination is still the method for controlling Covid-19 in the UK.

Discussing a new wave of Coronavirus infections which is sweeping central and western Europe, the Prime Minister noted that those countries with high vaccination rates were faring much better.

He further urged people to take up their booster vaccine when eligible, to stop immunity waning and prevent harsher restrictions from being needed in the UK in the future.

For those who still have not had their first or second dose, he stressed that it is not too late and it could not be a better time to get protection. 

Covid-19 cases are broadly flat, but still high

Chris Witty gave an update on the rate of cases, hospitalisations and deaths related to Covid-19 in the UK.

On all fronts, cases were "broadly flat" but still high.

He also urged all who are eligible to get their vaccine, including 16 and 17-year-olds and pregnant women.

Deaths are averaging 156 a day, he claimed, and hospital infections while still high, are lower than it was at the peak.

Will there be a Christmas lockdown?

When asked whether he could guarantee no lockdown this Christmas, Boris Johnson said that at present they do not see the need to activate Plan B. However, it cannot be ruled out.

Will you need a third dose to be fully vaccinated?

When questioned on whether 2 doses will still qualify as being fully vaccinated as the booster is being rolled out to different age groups, the Prime Minister said “we will have to adjust our concept” on what fully vaccinated will mean.