A COUPLE have been left mystified after sighting UFOs in the skies above their home at the weekend.

Eddie and Victoria Zsigmond Dean, spotted the strange objects in the sky on Sunday morning (November 14).

Eddie said they saw three in total in the sky before they faded away, and said the unusual occurrence has been logged as a legitimate UFO sighting.

"I was sat in the living room and saw the amount of planes flying over and thought it's nice to see things as normal," said Eddie, from Dentons Green, who, along with Victoria, owns The Dean restaurant in St Helens town centre.

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"I looked over and something glinted in the sky, I got Victoria to bring the phone out. I thought it's a UFO, it was so bright.

"I was struggling to see the plane but we managed to get some stills from it. You can keep seeing the second one appear and there is a third one which is not as bright.

"You've got one which is beautiful and bright, with the sun you can see a shadow behind it. It's clearly an object.

"Then they turned red and started to fade out and disappeared."

St Helens Star:

Victoria shared the stills on social media, which has generated a big response on a community Facebook page.

Eddie added: "We were contacted by an investigator, who said there was no flights passing in the area and no military, it has been logged as a legitimate UFO sighting.

"When you see something like that in person, it fits with what you see on the TV.

"As far as I'm concerned I've seen something in the sky I have never seen before."

Have you see any UFOs in St Helens recently?