A MUSIC festival in aid of men's mental health is taking place in St Helens this week, with three "amazing local bands" poised to delight crowds.

The day festival has been curated by the team at HIMvisible, a mental health charity which focus on "making visible the struggles that men face", offering a safe space for men to speak openly about their problems to people who have been through similar struggles.

Created by Steve Thornton in 2019 after struggling with his own mental health, the group has since expanded to support around 30 weekly attendees - with around 1000 more regularly asking for help online.

St Helens Star: Steve Thornton, founder of HIMvisibleSteve Thornton, founder of HIMvisible

Local bands Moonbow, Chicken Man & The Bad Eggs and The Arlo's have signed up to the charity's first music festival, which is another fundraising idea to raise awareness of HIMvisible and ensure that they can continue and expand their services to more men across St Helens - something evidently necessary with such high numbers of people a part of the project.

Kate Thornton, wife of Steve and co-founder of HIMvisible, said: "We can't thank [the bands] enough for being part of this event and help us raise funds from ticket sales to fund the only voluntary men's mental health group HIMvisible in St Helens.

"Without the support for events like this we wouldn't be able to support the local community with the ever increasing need for mental health.

"Please please please buy a ticket and lets make this an event to remember."

St Helens Star: The festival takes place at Clock Face Miners Recreation ClubThe festival takes place at Clock Face Miners Recreation Club

The festival takes place at Clock Face Miners Recreation Club

Tickets are £10 each and can be purchased on the door or at this link here