ANYONE missing the rugby yet? Every day in November we will be digging into the Saints archives to stir a few memories and help the off-season pass a little bit quicker.

We have plenty of pictorial pearls to chose from - the players in action, team shots, supporter gatherings and some quirky ones.

To kick it off, be go back to May 1972 and bus load of excited fans getting ready for the coach journey to the Challenge Cup Final at Wembley.

It is an outstanding photograph that captures the excitement and anticipation on the faces of the fans for the day ahead.

I suspect the photographer used all his charm and craft to get a laugh out of the gathering - but it is an image that oozes character.

Can any readers spot themselves or anyone else they know.

Back then plenty of pubs and social clubs ran coaches south for rugby league's showpiece - with half the town emptying for the big occasion.

Does anyone know where this particular coach left from?

Let me know; email:

We will have another picture for you tomorrow.