A BUSINESS owner's plans for a new MOT Centre near his existing premises have been granted approval.

John Stone, of Stone Tyres on College Street, sent in the proposals to St Helens Council earlier this year.

The plans sought permission to create an MOT centre next to the Stone Tyres premises.

Plans stated that the proposed premises "will be used as an MOT centre offering Class 7 and Class 4 MOT services".

It added: "The existing site is an unmade, parcel of grass / soft landscaping. The site is relatively level and construction upon the site will not cause detriment to the streetscape.

"The works will make good use of space which is seldom used and will add new business premises and create jobs in association with the development".

Plans added that pre-application meetings with council representatives "concluded that a full planning application should be considered as the development will add to the area in a positive manner".

The planning application received dozens of letters of support from residents.

One said the MOT centre would be "beneficial for the area" and that "the creation of new jobs should also be a key factor in the planning consideration".

In a report, case officer Natasha Ayres recommended the plans for approval.

Ms Ayres noted": The building will have a significant impact on the street scene and the character of the area, mainly due to the location of the building.

"However, the applicant has made some changes and worked with the council to provide a development that would be acceptable and the amendments do reduce the harm slightly.

"This proposal would result in the creation of six new jobs in a sustainable location.

"The economic benefit of the proposal must be weighed against impact of the development on visual amenity".

She added: "The proposals are acceptable and would not create a detrimental impact to the surrounding uses / residents.

"The proposals would contribute to the area and improve the facilities for the local residents".