SIR Keir Starmer is facing a barrage of criticism from people across Merseyside after breaking an election pledge and writing an opinion piece in the Sun newspaper.

When running for the Labour leadership in January 2020, Sir Keir was commended as he promised not to give interviews to the Sun during his leadership campaign.

With the newspaper boycotted in Liverpool due to their callous and inaccurate reporting of the Hillsborough tragedy in 1989, Starmer defended his decision due to their "historic smears of Liverpool".

However, the leader of the opposition appears to have done a U-turn on this statement, contributing an op-ed in today's edition of the tabloid.

The decision has brought contempt from many across the region, including leaders and members of his own party.

In a statement published on Twitter, Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram said: "My position on that (supposed) newspaper and Labour politicans engaging with it has never changed.

"The piece published today has unsurprisingly upset a lot of people across my region. The S*n is not and never will be welcome here.

"I have been in touch with Keir to reiterate my position and express the disappointment that I and many others feel."

St Helens Star: Metro Mayor Steve RotheramMetro Mayor Steve Rotheram

Labour MP for Wirral South stated: "I have spoken to [Keir]. I don't buy the S*n, or speak to them. That's my decision. I have told Keir why.

"I want those still affected by the horrendous events in 1989 and since to be able to have peace and comfort and to know that there is a legacy for justice, which is why i support [Maria Eagle's] bill to change the way the justice system works.

"We will fight on until we get that change."

Ian Byrne, MP for Liverpool West Derby similarly had some strong words: "Today the families and survivors of Hillsborough, the people of my city, supporters of our great club and the millions of others smeared by the rag will feel profoundly betrayed by the leader of the party I was eleceted to represnt.

"I have put on record my views, that if any leader of the components of our great Labour and Trade Union movement write in the rag, they are not fit to be in that position.

"I stand fully behind that position today. #JFT97."

Labour were also criticised for granting the newspaper access to report at their annual conference in Brighton last week.