THE COMMUNITY of Rainhill quickly rallied round a 10-year-old boy with head injuries following a bike accident.

Patrick Jones, from Rainhill, was out playing with his friends on Sunday, September 12, when he slipped off his bike near the Rocket Pub at around 5.30pm, and hit his head hard on the pavement.

Due to the impact, Patrick was left unconscious with blood pouring out of his head for several minutes.

Luckily, witnesses to the accident quickly came to Patrick’s aid, rang him an ambulance and comforted him while others went to find his mum.

Patrick’s mum, Yvonne, said: “A lady ran all the way to my house from the accident, about five minutes away to get me.

“She told me [Patrick] wasn’t in a good way and blood was pumping out of his head.

She added: “As a Mum you just think the worse when you hear this.”

St Helens Star: Patrick was told he was "very lucky" his injuries were not more seriousPatrick was told he was "very lucky" his injuries were not more serious

When Yvonne arrived at the scene, Patrick had thankfully regained consciousness, and she took him straight to A&E.

After a six hour wait, doctors said Patrick was “very lucky” his injuries were not more serious, as he left hospital with a badly grazed head.

Safe in the knowledge her son would make a full recovery, Yvonne posted on the Rainhill Rocks Facebook group to thank the community for their help in Patrick’s time of need.

She told the Star: “It was amazing how the community came together for him.

“People didn’t have to stop but couples stopped their cars to help him, neighbours came out to see if he was okay, rang an ambulance and offered to take him to hospital.”

“Another neighbour even took his bike inside his house to keep it safe. It’s just a lovely story.”

Despite the scare his accident gave his mum, Patrick is now on the mend and returned to his classmates at Longton Lane today.